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If you are looking for something new and exciting in a cigarette, then you will love Dunhill Red and its signature sweet flavor. The company prides itself on making a quality cigarette that exceeds the expectations any smoking connoisseur. With 1mg of nicotine in each stick, this cigarette may pack a hefty punch, but the unexpectedly smooth draw goes down exceptionally easy, and won't irritate your throat. Dunhill Red is most famous for the use of rich tobacco and a signature sweet taste with a hint of a caramel undertone. Naturally additive free, this cigarette won't leave you with a nasty chemical aftertaste taste like some brands are known to do.

Packaged in a stylish metallic red flip-box, this cigarette has the added benefits of a protective silver flap inside of the package that will keep your cigarettes staying fresh. Dunhill Red smokers keep coming back for the complexity of the taste which provides an unusually sophisticated smoking experience. A sweet-tasting, easy going cigarette that will give you the buzz you want without any unpleasant irritation. It's time you discovered the leader in quality cigarettes.
Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

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Dunhill Red (UK-made)

    Quantity Our Price Price per carton
20 Dunhill Red (UK-made) N/A N/A
15 Dunhill Red (UK-made) N/A N/A
10 Dunhill Red (UK-made) N/A N/A
6 Dunhill Red (UK-made) N/A N/A
4 Dunhill Red (UK-made) N/A N/A
2 Dunhill Red (UK-made) N/A N/A
1 Dunhill Red (UK-made) N/A N/A
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