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Karelia White cigarettes are an excellent choice for smokers looking for a quality tobacco product. Made with premium Virginia tobacco, these mild cigarettes contain 0.3mg of nicotine, and 3 mg of tar in each, making them one of the lightest offerings in the Karelia line. From one of Europe's oldest and most respected cigarette manufactures, Karelia White cigarettes withhold a tradition of quality centuries in the making.

Sold in an all-white package with elegant accents of gold, and the Karelia crest proudly displayed on the flap, the clean and simple carton represents the smooth and refined feeling of smoking this fine product. The slow burn of this cigarette will lengthen the enjoyment of a Karelia White cigarette every time that you light up. A quality product that's truly a treat to smoke, Karelia White cigarettes are a delightful product at an extremely affordable price.

Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

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Karelia White (EU-made)

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20 Karelia White (EU-made) N/A N/A
15 Karelia White (EU-made) N/A N/A
10 Karelia White (EU-made) N/A N/A
6 Karelia White (EU-made) N/A N/A
4 Karelia White (EU-made) N/A N/A
2 Karelia White (EU-made) N/A N/A
1 Karelia White (EU-made) N/A N/A
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