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  • 1 Silk Cut Purple
    Silk Cut Purple

    The definitive name in low nicotine cigarettes, Silk Cut Purple cigarettes delivers a light smoke with a smooth taste. Silk Cut Purple cigarettes contain 0.3mg Nicotine and 3 mg of Tar, impressive

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  • 2 Silk Cut Silver
    Silk Cut Silver

    A smooth smoke with a lively flavor that distinguishes it from most other light cigarette brands, Silk Cut Silver cigarettes is a standout smoke that's full of flavor. Silk Cut Silver cigarettes

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  • 3 Silk Cut Purple 100's
    Silk Cut Purple 100's

    The ultimate light variety of the famous Silk Cut family, Silk Cut Purple 100's are a perfect cigarette for those who love to smoke but want a taste and experience that is not as aggressive as with

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